Customize at will

In addition to the wide variety of browsers on offer, our active Add-Ons community provides you with a wide variety of extensions to customize your browser—as well as the support to create your own.

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Know what's coming

Firefox Nightly, Developer Edition, and Beta give you the opportunity to experiment features and functionality coming to Firefox in the future, as well as provide you the chance to participate in creating new web technology.

Developer (Desktop)

This Firefox has all the latest developer tools in pre-release, including experimental features like the Multi-line Console Editor and WebSocket Inspector.

It has a separate profile and path so you can easily run it alongside Release or Beta.

Preferences are tailored for web developers: Browser and remote debugging are enabled by default, as are the dark theme and developer toolbar button.

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Release notes

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Nightly (Mobile and Desktop)

Want to get the latest features as soon as they are implemented, and have the chance to provide input about them while they are under development? Then Nightly is for you.

Nightly Blog

Nightly release notes

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Beta (Mobile and Desktop)

Want the latest features, but after they've been fine-tuned in Nightly? Then this is for you.


Other editions of Firefox

Preview (Mobile)

Want to join a pilot study of a better, more private Firefox for Android? This edition is the first step in building a new mobile browser that’s faster than any mobile edition before it, built on Mozilla's own new GeckoView renderer.


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Reality (VR Headsets)

Get privacy in your headset—and a browser specifically designed to tackle all of the new opportunities (and challenges) that come with browsing in VR.


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Focus (Mobile)

A lightweight, mobile-only edition that takes privacy to the next level. Tap once to clear you tabs, and your history. Also known as Firefox Klar.




Lite (Mobile)

Want a tiny, fast browser for Android? At 6MB in size — and with turbo mode to speed you up — it provides a blazing fast online experience, and integrated access to news and other features to same you time and data. Currently available in China, Indonesia, India, The Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. This blog post from Mozila's Taipei office gives you a sense of what to expect.

(If you're not in these markets, you can install it with the APK.)


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Release (Mobile and Desktop)

Every four weeks, a finalized version of Firefox ships. Get it here.

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Firefox for Enterprise

If you want to protect your business data, deploy when and how you want, and choose your own release cadence, then this is the solution for you.


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Need an engine?


Want to use Firefox technology in your own web applications on small-footprint platforms? Mozilla has just the thing for you: GeckoView, which wraps Firefox's Gecko browser engine in a reusable Android library.

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