Receive alerts for data breaches involving your accounts


Firefox Monitor will inform you about security breaches related to your accounts managed in Lockwise. Independently of Lockwise, you can also subscribe to receive alerts when your email is involved in a breach.

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Protect your DNS requests with DoH

The Domain Name System (DNS) enables you to access websites with a name rather than an IP address. Mozilla has taken action to protect your DNS requests from tampering and tracking by championing the DNS over HTTPS (DoH) standard and implementing functionality that supports it in Firefox.

In the United States, DoH functionality is enabled by default, although you can choose to deactivate it.

Outside of the US, you can manually activate DoH.

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Learn to manage your DoH settings

Log into multiple accounts at once—and avoid Facebook tracking cookies

With Multi-Account Containers you can simultaneously log into the same site with different accounts in different tabs.

You can even sync your container settings across devices if you have a Firefox Account to save the data in.

Facebook Container is specifically designed to make it harder for Facebook to track your activity on other websites via third-party cookies.

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Avoid trackers

By default, Firefox Enhanced Tracking Protection blocks cookies from known third party trackers and denies storage access to third-party tracking content, based on lists of tracking domains by Disconnect.

Get extra help from privacy Add-Ons

In addition to Mozilla's own offerings, you can also try out some of our recommended privacy add-ons.

Recommended Privacy Add-Ons

Defend your security and privacy with Firefox Account services

Signing up for a Firefox Account provides you with the ability to sync and send tabs and other data (such as Multi-Account Containers settings) between Firefox installations on your devices. You'll also need and account to use services like Lockwise or the Firefox Private Network (FPN).

Manage passwords right in your browser


With Firefox Lockwise, you can securely generate and manage passwords for all your accounts in your browser. When your logins and passwords sync across devices, they are protected by 256-bit encryption. You also have the option to secure Lockwise with your unique FaceID/TouchID on compatible devices.

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Protect your email address, and your identity


When a form requires your email address, but you’d rather not share it, you can use Firefox Relay to create aliases, randomly-generated email addresses that forward to your real inbox.

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